Friday, October 29, 2010

already slacking...

New post coming soon...crazy busy week filled with lack of sleep which = lack of energy to write anything worthwhile! Thanks to everyone who has read my first rambling :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning to appreciate the "big things" in a "little things" world...

Welp, I have finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Being the talkative and passionate person that I am, I figure what better way to talk (or type..) about life as a Special Education teacher candidate, student, lover of all things summer related, Diet Coke, a cold beer in a bottle or a glass of wine, Chick-fil-a sauce, DIY crafts/projects, laughing, (almost) all animals, home improvement stores, airplane flyovers, the perfect writing utensil, and basically...the "little things in life."

As I begin my student teaching in local schools, so many things have happened that I will look back later in the day and think "I need to record this stuff somehow" whether it be because it is HILARIOUS, or because it is big accomplishment a student has made or, in some instances, bizarre, crazy, inappropriate, or straight up WEIRD happenings or circumstances. I want to remember these things for future reference. Even in the limited time that I have been a "student teacher", I have seen a few things I am confident I may not ever experience again. So, I finally have an excuse to blog stalk. The things I have witnessed so far and the things that I am confident I will continue to witness...are "big things" in a "little things" world. I have learned to appreciate the "little things" in life even more so after seeing some of the lifestyles some of these students live, because some of the "little things" to me, are "big things" to them. Not just because they have "special needs" or are "mentally disabled"...but because their socioeconomic status is so different from that of which I am familiar AND they are considered "special needs" or "mentally disabled." Some of these students have lost one or both parents, one or both parents have chosen not to be in their lives, or DFACS has taken their parental rights away. And that is just the beginning...!

Anyway, I hope that this blog will help me to better understand the students I come in contact with, as well as develop a better understanding of myself. Aaaaand, because not everyone cares about things that happen in schools, I will most likely be blogging about life in general as well. Because, you know, the life of a college student is so glamorous and everything.