Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You know your in Bac Cohort (aka Cohort 2) when...Volume 1

You dream that you overslept placement...(and in some cases...oh wait, you did.)

You believe that therapists should be included in your tuition as part of the education program.

Setting your alarm from 5:15 am to 8am is the BEST. THING. EVER.

You see or think of something at least once a day outside of placement that reminds you of one of your students :)
While shopping, you notice that you are more concerned about getting outfits appropriate for teaching than anything else.

The breaks in between classes are meant for large caffeinated drinks from Chick-fil-a...and if youre lucky, a chicken biscuit.

You cannot stop laughing at the text that the person sitting next to you just sent.

You cannot stop laughing at the conversation that is currently being held on facebook chat.

You stalk tranguide at the end of each semester for a solid week until all your grades are posted.

TO BE CONTINUED as life as a SPED Cohort student continues in the Spring :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is anyone still out there? Bueller...?

Well, I made it through my first semester of the Special Education Cohort. It is impossible to express my relief & joy over this accomplishment, along with a small amount of sadness as I will be apart from my newest 19 girlfriends for over a month. I could NOT, I repeat, ABSOLUTELY NOT, have made it through the past 3 months without these girls. I wish I had a picture to share, but I lost my camera at a Braves game over the summer. Ooops. Good thing my birthday is coming up :)

I am going to miss all of the people at my last placement so much. One of the girls, Katie*, who has Down syndrome, started bawling as we were taking some last minute photos before I left. After having a DE-LISH lunch with my class, I was hugged over and over again and bid a sad goodbye. These kids give such great hugs. They threw me a "going-away" party, complete with decorations of my favorite colors as well as favorite foods. Somehow they picked up on all of my favorite foods throughout the 7 weeks that I was there. I enjoyed my time there so much and appreciate the experience even more. Such amazing kids & teachers. I am, however, looking forward to my next two placements in the Spring :)

Now that finals are over and I do not have 5:15 alarms set, I have been enjoying sleeping in, hanging out with my sister & the center of our household, Sophie the Shih-Poo, and eating at some of my favorite restaurants here that are not offered back at school. And can I tell you how much I have missed having OnDemand at school? Best. Thing. Ever. Between hanging out with my sister & Sophie & eating our little hearts out, we have been catching up on Psych & our other favorite USA shows. Exciting right?? Its not like we have many other options though seeing as the temperature outside is about 16 degrees. WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST. I thought I lived in the South. Not Alaska. But really, I looked up the current temp in Alaska, and its seriously just 10 degrees colder than it is here. It SNOWED yesterday. It never snows before Christmas. Ever. Not that it was a significant amount and it accumulated into enough to make a snowman or anything. If its going to be this cold, it needs to snow A LOT. Can you tell I am very much of a warm weather girl? I live for summer.

Hopefully my blog wont be quite as boring over the next few weeks as I will have a pretty good amount of time to type out random ramblings. In the meantime, I will enjoy blogstalking those of you who actually have lives & blog on a regular basis :)