Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new semester...1 down, 3 to go!

I can officially say that I made it through my first semester as a cohort student. For anyone who is not familiar with a cohort program...Google it. Oh, I kid...sort of, but it really would probably describe it best. Basically, being in one of the education or nursing cohorts means that you hand your life over to your respective programs for the last two years of your higher education.

So I made it through the first semester (with flying colors, at least for me, might I add) and it's onto round 2. My first field-based placement for this semester will be at a school that is specifically for emotionally and behaviorally challenged students. These kids are bused in from several surrounding counties to this school after it is deemed that attending this school for a certain amount of time would be beneficial for them. Today was kind of a "look see" day, and we were to just go and stay for a couple of hours to get to know our host teacher, the kids, their schedule, etc. My host teacher was not there today, but her parapro (or what I assume to be her para) was there who I already realllllllly like. She's hilarious! She briefed me on a few things about the students/things I need to know about the school and I took note of some happenings that stood out to me:

- several of the kids are "gang affiliated"
- fights break out on a regular basis...meaning like once every day or two.
- when she was telling the kids some things they could NOT write about in an essay, she said something like "no drugs, sex, or profanity"
- one student shared about a time when DFACS came to his house...although I couldnt exactly make out what he was saying about it.
- another student mentioned that his Dad had been fired and that he needed to get a new job & start doing something with himself again.
- my host teacher(s) teach 5th-8th graders throughout the day.
- one of the student's last day is tomorrow, after being back and forth between this school & his regularly assigned school for 3 years now. The support/parapro is hoping that he wont have to come back (not coming back is a good thing.)

Needless to say, dull moments will be rare this go-round, as they usually are with Special Education students. I am excited to experience and learn in a new environment and can't wait to share (in moderacy for privacy reasons, of course) more as I go.

Peace & Love,

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