Monday, January 10, 2011

"Snow Day"...or lackthereof

Welp, the impossible has now become a reality! I was convinced that there would be no snow, except for maybe North Georgia, and that it would just rain in the rest of the state. As my boyfriend The Grinch would say...WRONGO!!! Less than a month after what REALLY seemed impossible (a white Christmas!) some might say a blizzard has come to the South. As if coming back to school after being at home & having nothing to do for an entire MONTH werent hard enough already...Middle Georgia has accumulated NOTHING compared to Atlanta. My family keeps sending me pictures via phone..I have never wished I was at home more than I do now. Not sure what the official number is in inches yet or if they can even say as it is probably still falling. It has to be at the very least 6 inches.

So despite the fact that there is hardly any snow on the ground in these parts, classes were cancelled today, just as I told my Mom they would be, but still made the trek back to school, while Atlanta is quite literally snowed in. If you couldnt tell already, I am straight up DE-PRESSED about this.

Why yes, I am a drama queen at times. I am thinking the only thing that can even begin to help is Waffle House.

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  1. That's so sad you are missing the snow! We have had about 9 inches here in Decatur/Atlanta. At least your classes were cancelled! :)