Thursday, January 27, 2011

Somebody call an ambulance...

I was told this morning by one of my students that I would "need an ambulance" later in the day.


At first, I freaked out. Silently, of course. Any sign of fear and these kids will just keep pushing it. I eventually quietly said something to my host teacher. She told me that whatever he may have been referring to (and who knows...fighting, weapons?) was unlikely to happen, but at the same time, they dont put any kind of threat past these kids. Fabulous. Again.

The rest of the day went pretty similarly. Most of these kids are constantly blaming others for their misfortune yet dont do anything about taking responsibility for themselves, and that was exactly the case today. Not to mention the two kids who are usually the "big boys" on campus, were suspended today for a fight they got in yesterday. Normally these boys are like brothers, but just like normal siblings, they lost it with eachother, and their nature is to physically fight it out. When these boys ARE getting along, the day typically runs smoothly. I am so excited for them to be back next week. We have a new student in our homeroom class and Oh. My. Gosh. If this kid is not the most know-it-all, annoying, smart alec, then I dont know who is. I think I would have been fine for the rest of the day after the whole ambulance thing...but this kid just. kept. going. I wrote him up three times. THREE. TIMES. On his second day at the school. I hadnt written any of the kids up until today, the first three were just to help out my host teacher since she had so many from yesterday to finish (the fight between the two "big boys" and the student who told me I was going to need an ambulance had quite a day yesterday as well) I was so emotionally drained when I got home that I immediately crawled into bed, which sadly is therapeutic for me. I should probably work on running as therapy instead. Maybe next week.


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