Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Three posts in four days? As one of my favorite bloggers, Babbling Abby would say...Stop. The. World. I kid...sort of. I must say I am pretty proud of myself for having the brain power to compose such a LARGE amount of new posts in such a short amount of days. Anyone catching onto my tendency to exaggerate, much?

I am excited to have it together enough today to participate in Jamie's weekly What I'm Loving Wednesday...because all teachers have lives outside the classroom, whether their students believe it or not.

Today I am LOVING this beautiful and perfect weather. I am a huge advocate for the Summer months. Braves games, weekends at the lake, beach trips, not having to wear socks, being able to WORK and make get the idea. I love all things SUMMER. Word on the street is that the high's are supposed to be in the 70's this weekend...hellloooo perfection.

US: Forecast Wednesday High

I am loving the fact that I got a free tshirt & koozie on campus this morning in celebration of homecoming AND the fact that it is indeed homecoming! Because we dont have a football team, we go all out for basketball & have homecoming in the Spring! Tailgating included...during the perfect weather mentioned above.

I am loving the fact that the test I was so intently studying for last night got moved to next Wednesday! Praise Jesus!! After being in class for 30 minutes (two & a half hours less than we are scheduled to be...saaweeeet!), I headed to Chickfila to add to my morning's goodness. Turns out four of the girls in my cohort were thinking the same thing, so we had a nice little breakfast together :)

I am loving my sweet kids & host teachers this week as well. Next Thursday is my last day with them before I get to experience a new placement. Last Friday we had a "Valentine's Dance" to celebrate the fat little kid with the bow & arrow. One of my kids, R, as I have mentioned him, got the "King" of the dance...kind of like Prom King. He so deserved it too...he is such a great role model to all the other students despite the fact that he has sooo much going on at home. Just yesterday he was telling us how he got up at 6:00am to get himself & his 4 year old little brother ready for school. I hope so much that he is able to "break the cycle" for himself and get out of town...staying here would probably prevent that from happening.

(I whited out the part that comes after "Mr." for privacy reasons)

Last but certainly not least, I am loving that my sweet Mom sent me a Valentines Day Card! Its uhh, actually not here yet (we have procrastination in common...except when it comes to school, seeing as she gradumacated from college in 3 & 1/2 years...overachiever. Ha! Love you, Maaaam!), but should be today, and I am excited to open it. Maybe because it has money in it...but mostly because its been a tradition since I can remember for my parents to get us a card & a little V-day present :)

I am also loving that Julie over at The Smitten Minton's is doing a $25 Target Giftcard Giveaway. It is a darn good thing that there is not a Target where I go to school...otherwise I probably WOULD have applied for the credit card that the lady at the bank tried to talk me into just this morning and I would be in debt rather than just flat broke. I. Love. Target. And Julie, seeing as she is also an IRL friend from high school!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines Day! Hopefully it wont be another 2 weeks before I post again..? And dont forget to hit the "Follow" button on your way out!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because I'm Such an Allstar student...

I may or may not have a test tomorrow. I study best under pressure, though, so I'm going to increase that pressure by putting off studying while I write this. Because i'm such an allstar student...

Sooo the past couple of weeks at school have been more that interesting. And eye opening. And baffling. And any other word that might describe the craziness of what I am about to type. Granted, I tend to exaggerate and be a "drama queen" at times, so these things may not be that big of a deal, just to my sheltered little East Cobb mind.

ANYWHO. We have lost a couple of kids over the past couple of weeks. And not because they have been cleared to go back to their regular school. It mostly boils down to one particular student, the same student who told me I was going to need an ambulance. This student, we will call him L, had reallllllly been egging one of the other boys on, we will call him G. G had made it known that he had...brace yourselves..had sex with his mother. He had bragged about seeing her naked and having a physical relationship with her (although I never heard any of it. Thank God) in detail by saying that while she was in the shower, he would go in to the bathroom and get in the shower with her. Ummmm. NO. WORDS. So when DFACS showed up at school to talk to him about it, G was straight mad. He started cussing up and down the hallway, and I believe blamed it on L. I highly doubt L would even know how to look up the number for DFACS, but he does know how to push everyone's buttons so like everything else these kids do, I wouldnt put it past him. So G blamed it on L and I am pretty sure that is what caused even more tension between the two of them.

Luckily a physical altercation between G & L did not happen. Probably because L knew that G could realllllly hurt him if that did happen. Or also because G did not come to school for a couple of days after some of this was going on, only for us to find out he was in jail after a physical altercation at home with his drunk uncle. Oooookay then. Tell me how a 13 year old gets sent to jail when the uncle is drunk? So one student gone for at least 21 days. It depends on what the judge decides seeing as this student does have a record with the law already..probably why he did get sent to jail. Technically G not being in school currently is not directly related to L. So I guess I shouldn't have said that it ALL boils down to L.

A couple weeks ago, however, DOES boil down to L. At one point, he called another student, R, a slang gang name, that R obviously took offense to because he hit L in the face. Honestly, I dont blame R one bit. L had it coming and he knew it. So the police came to school, as they do for most physical altercations. The police technically were supposed to "take someone away", as my host teacher put it, and that someone should have been R since he hit L, but both of my host teachers backed him up saying that when L was present and in the classroom, the entire dynamic of the classroom completely changes because he pushes everyone's buttons soo much. So it was decided that L would move homeroom's to the class across the hall from us for the time being.

Flash forward to the following week. We were having a pretty smooth day up until the point when we heard over the radio that we were on lockdown. Well. For those of you who attended school in the Metro Atlanta Area such as myself, a lockdown means that all doors are to be locked and lights in the classroom are to be turned off because there is someone on campus with a weapon. So naturally, I freaked out. My host teachers were laughing at me as I hid next to a cabinet to the right of the door, so I couldnt be seen from the door window. Now that I look back, I would have laughed at me too. Hah! They explained that lockdown simply meant that students and teachers were not meant to enter the hallway because officials (police, firefighters, EMT's) are most likely there to assist with a student. After awhile, we were permitted out in the hallway only to make our way to lunch. The police & EMT's were standing outside the student bathroom. No one really knew what was going on so we assumed that someone was refusing to come out of the bathroom or a child had been moved into the bathroom so as to not bother any other classes. (This school could very much use a therapy room so they dont have to use the bathroom when a child is having a somewhat uncontrollable tantrum or anger outburst)

Once we got down to the lunchroom, I asked one of the other Middle School teachers if he knew what was going on. He very quietly said that he thought L was in the bathroom trying to kill himself. Ohh crap. Come to find out later in the day, that was indeed the case. One of my host teachers told me she had never seen him act like that and that she didnt know he had such tendencies, so at first we wondered what his motive was (attention) or if he really was having a hard time. A few days later I asked one of the administrators who handle's L when he is having a bad day what the latest was on his situation. She told me he suffered from bipolar disorder and that this had happened before. A week later he was still in the hospital for tests, etc. I have not had a chance to ask the administrator about him since then.

It breaks my heart to think about these kids being so young and already having so many issues. Will they grow out of it? Will they ever recieve the help that they need to progress in life? These kids families most likely do not have the resources to get their child all the help that they need to overcome these emotional & behavioral problems that they have. They are expected to fail by almost everyone in their life. Their parents, their peers, even some of their teachers. I am so glad I will have this blog to look back to and remember to BELIEVE in my students - whether they be emotionally & behaviorally challenged or severely & profoundly disabled. Expectations are everything. It is so easy for a teacher to establish herself in her career and get caught up in what society believes these children are capable of rather than remembering what she is taught during her higher education years (at least I hope other schools teach this.)

WHEW! I'll get off my soap box now. And maybe study for that test. Thank you again to any readers! Although I did do this for myself, it always helps to see that I do, in fact, have readers. If I didnt bore you to tears, dont forget to click "Follow" on your way out :) Now, off to watch Ryan Reynolds be gorgeous in Definitely, Maybe (PS, I really hope the rumors are true & that he & Sandra are finally dating), and wait for Teen Mom to come on STUDY!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

TBT (to be (more entertainingly) titled. maybe...)

So when I said I would post about some shocking recent goings-on at school really soon, I lied. Oops. For those of you who just POUR over this here blog, I apologize. Ha! I kid. If anything I am annoyed that I didnt write a post for my sake. Luckily I DID write most of the important and notable things down with good ole paper & pen. I cant act like I wish I had recorded said goings-on on my computer though...because I do love a perfect pen or pretty Sharpie to write with.

Unfortunately, I cant force myself to use what little brain power I have right now to type all of it out. Turns out the past couple of weeks have been eating away at me and I didnt realize it until the full-fledged sob fest I had myself earlier. Really not relevant to much of anything important/blog just needed to happen.

SO. With that said, I hope to return to regularly scheduled (or as close to it as possible) blogging ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow, seeing as I have designated it as "Chels, get-your-life-together-day." You bet your bottom dollar I will take advantage of being able to have such days before I have to become a functioning member of the "real world."


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

In an effort to force myself to update, and, lets face it, talk about things that do not pertain to school, cohort life, identifying which GPS goes with which test question, creating lesson plans, aaannnd continue to avoid the fact that I am avoiding a workout that I know needs to take place, I decided to link up with Jamie and play along with What I'm Loving Wednesday! Was that a run on sentence? Probably..spelling was always more of my forte than grammar.

A few things that I am loving on this cloudy Wednesday:

I am loving the fact that I do not live above the Mason Dixon, much less above the Piedmont (at least while at school) and that I am not experiencing this weeks (or any of this winter's, for that matter) winter snowpocolypse. I had my share of the white stuff on Christmas day, and the perfect-ness of that was enough to last me 'til next winter, if not longer.

US: Current Snow Cover

I am loving Tony & Jeanne on NCIS right now...if only they had lasted.

I am L.O.V.I.N.G. almost every single dress at Shabby Apple. The Black Oak, Sheep Meadow, Ming, Cider, Soleil, and...well, like I said, almost every. single. dress. So fabulous.

Per usual, I am loving my crack in a can, bottle, cup good ole Diet Coke. Y'all. I am so addicted. I am contemplating giving it up for Lent. Normally I'd probably say something else about this, but I think that most of the people I know who are also addicted probably understand what a monumental thing it would be if I were in fact going to give it up for 40 days. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so maybe the incentive of not being an addict anymore should really make the decision for me. I'll be sure to let y'all know how THAT works out...if it does at all.

Despite the fact that we dont have plans yet, I am loving the fact that SB11 is a mere 44 days away. I repeat: FORTY FOUR DAYS. Ahhhhhh. In typical college student fashion, we are just a tad late on figuring out what we are doing for the infamous Spring Break. Just put me on a beach and I'll be one happy girl.

 This is me & rooms (K) on Spring Break last year on a super classy, huge, and FREE, Arbor Mist float. Who doesnt love something free? Especially college students. Dad was thrilled when I brought this to the lake after the sweet girl who brought it surrendered it as she didnt have much of a use for it after that week. You bet your hind parts we get lots of looks from passersby when this baby is floating next to the dock! But it is perfectly huge to lay out on and push siblings and cousins off of. I cannot wait for it to be warm enough to enjoy again!!!

Now that I have avoided said workout from above, as well as school work & anything placement related, I have much to post about before I forget, so that will be coming soon. And the information in said post? May make your jaw hit the floor. At least, it did mine.