Sunday, February 13, 2011

TBT (to be (more entertainingly) titled. maybe...)

So when I said I would post about some shocking recent goings-on at school really soon, I lied. Oops. For those of you who just POUR over this here blog, I apologize. Ha! I kid. If anything I am annoyed that I didnt write a post for my sake. Luckily I DID write most of the important and notable things down with good ole paper & pen. I cant act like I wish I had recorded said goings-on on my computer though...because I do love a perfect pen or pretty Sharpie to write with.

Unfortunately, I cant force myself to use what little brain power I have right now to type all of it out. Turns out the past couple of weeks have been eating away at me and I didnt realize it until the full-fledged sob fest I had myself earlier. Really not relevant to much of anything important/blog just needed to happen.

SO. With that said, I hope to return to regularly scheduled (or as close to it as possible) blogging ASAP. Hopefully tomorrow, seeing as I have designated it as "Chels, get-your-life-together-day." You bet your bottom dollar I will take advantage of being able to have such days before I have to become a functioning member of the "real world."


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