Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

In an effort to force myself to update, and, lets face it, talk about things that do not pertain to school, cohort life, identifying which GPS goes with which test question, creating lesson plans, aaannnd continue to avoid the fact that I am avoiding a workout that I know needs to take place, I decided to link up with Jamie and play along with What I'm Loving Wednesday! Was that a run on sentence? Probably..spelling was always more of my forte than grammar.

A few things that I am loving on this cloudy Wednesday:

I am loving the fact that I do not live above the Mason Dixon, much less above the Piedmont (at least while at school) and that I am not experiencing this weeks (or any of this winter's, for that matter) winter snowpocolypse. I had my share of the white stuff on Christmas day, and the perfect-ness of that was enough to last me 'til next winter, if not longer.

US: Current Snow Cover

I am loving Tony & Jeanne on NCIS right now...if only they had lasted.

I am L.O.V.I.N.G. almost every single dress at Shabby Apple. The Black Oak, Sheep Meadow, Ming, Cider, Soleil, and...well, like I said, almost every. single. dress. So fabulous.

Per usual, I am loving my crack in a can, bottle, cup good ole Diet Coke. Y'all. I am so addicted. I am contemplating giving it up for Lent. Normally I'd probably say something else about this, but I think that most of the people I know who are also addicted probably understand what a monumental thing it would be if I were in fact going to give it up for 40 days. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so maybe the incentive of not being an addict anymore should really make the decision for me. I'll be sure to let y'all know how THAT works out...if it does at all.

Despite the fact that we dont have plans yet, I am loving the fact that SB11 is a mere 44 days away. I repeat: FORTY FOUR DAYS. Ahhhhhh. In typical college student fashion, we are just a tad late on figuring out what we are doing for the infamous Spring Break. Just put me on a beach and I'll be one happy girl.

 This is me & rooms (K) on Spring Break last year on a super classy, huge, and FREE, Arbor Mist float. Who doesnt love something free? Especially college students. Dad was thrilled when I brought this to the lake after the sweet girl who brought it surrendered it as she didnt have much of a use for it after that week. You bet your hind parts we get lots of looks from passersby when this baby is floating next to the dock! But it is perfectly huge to lay out on and push siblings and cousins off of. I cannot wait for it to be warm enough to enjoy again!!!

Now that I have avoided said workout from above, as well as school work & anything placement related, I have much to post about before I forget, so that will be coming soon. And the information in said post? May make your jaw hit the floor. At least, it did mine.