Friday, March 18, 2011

Bad Blogger Award?

I had originally planned to write a post about my newest placement with my little preschoolers, but this school thing is just kicking my butt during the week. And tomorrow...? Tomorrow I leave for the BEACH. THE. BEACH. More specifically the beautiful beaches of the Florida Emerald Coast. Words and exclamation points could not possibly describe how excited I am. I am such a summer girl and ANY beach is my most favorite place to be in the world. SO, I will leave you with a beautiful picture to hold you over until I can update again..if ever...because I know I have so many readers that are just chomping at the bit for me to update again. Ha!


Hellooooooooo 80+ degree weather, goodbye CAMPUS and this little bubble I live in!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ABC's of Me

I saw Jamie do this, and because this makes for an easier post than what my brain could probably compose right now, I decided to go for it :) Add procrastination + the fact that I am trying to make sure that I dont go two weeks before I post again.
A-Age: 22

B-Bed size: I upgraded to a queen this year and LOVE it. Mom and I scored big when we found an entire bed - frame, headboard, mattress, and even the sheets/bedspread for $75 dollars at an estate sale last summer.
C-Chore you hate: Any RIDICULOUS thing that Mom comes up with (like cleaning the shelves of the fridge or vaccumming the "helicopters" out of the cracks of the deck...Sorry Mom. And anyone else who thinks vaccumming helicopters out of the cracks of a deck is worth your time.)

D-Dogs: Little Baby Sophie :)

(It is not uncommon to find her in this exact position in my parents room...this is her favorite spot in the house)

E-Essential start to your day: Depends on what time my alarm goes off...if it's before school at 5:15, COFFEE. Any other morning and I just need food...I dont function too well on an empty stomach.

This caption defines my life right now.

F-Favorite Color: Pink pink pink! But I have been loving green lately too. Put the two together & I am a happy girl :)

G-Gold or Silver: Definitely silver.

H-Height: 5'3 & 3/4.

I-Instruments you play: I used to take piano lessons and I could rock out some Jingle Bells & My Heart Will Go On from Titanic! I might still be able to play but my parents sold our piano so I wouldnt know.

J-Job title: "Teacher Candidate"...aka Education Major Student 

K-Kids: Ha! As much as I fantasize about having my own little ones and what their names will be (pathetic much?), kids are not in my new future. 

L-Live: Born and raised in the great state of Georgia (aka Gee A)

M-My mom's name: Julie

 N-Nickname: Chels, Chelserina, C-dub, Wright, Tosie
O-Overnight hospital stay: No, knock on wood!
P-Pet Peeves: Oh there are many...when people chew with their mouths open, BAD DRIVERS (which constitutes for the majority of my pet peeves), people who talk too much & when people complain about something but wont do anything about it themselves!
Q-Quote from a movie: I have wayyyy too many favorite quotes! Some of my favorite quoteable movies, however, are Heavyweights, The Grinch (I know it by heart), Top Gun, and I aspire to be able to quote most of Sandra Bullock's little one-liner's from The Blind Side

Love love love love love S.B.
R-Right/Lefty: Righty Roger!
S-Siblings: See previous post for picture!

T-Time you wake up: My alarm goes off at 5:15 on T/Th, 8:00am MWF and whenever the heck I want when I dont have to set one!
U-Underwear: Vicky's & Target!

V-Veggies you dislike: Hmm I would have to say onions (especially if they are soft & soggy) and squash. Yuck yuck GOOSE.

W-What makes you run late: Not wanting to get out of bed. Hands down.

X-Xrays you've had: The dentist and my wrist when I was 16

Y-Yummy food you make: Hmmm...honestly not a whole lot. I am picky about my green beans so I love the way I make them...and Ghiradelli brownies & Funfetti cake! I have been wanting to try a Margarita Cupcake Recipe so maybe that will take the cake (ha!) for yummiest thing I can make.

Z-Zoo animal: Definitely monkeys..but I am a HUGE animal lover so I really love all of them, except for snakes. But even then it would be hard for me to kill one.

cute monkey!
Holy cuteness.

Lets hope I can come up with something of substance to write about here pretty soon so I dont bore any readers myself to bloggy tears.

Peace & Love,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I continue to LOVE this perfect and beautiful weather down here in GEE A.

I am L.O.V.I.N.G. the fact that I get to see this little baby come Friday at about 4pm.

I mean...seriously? I ask myself how a single being can be so incredibly adorable. I just dont get it.

I am loving that I will get to see my whole family this weekend! Although I wont get to see mi Madre til Sunday, all of us being under one roof even for a few hours doesnt happen very often during the school year since my sister and I are at different colleges. Now getting all of us to sit down together for a meal has become next to impossible, even if we are all home at the same time because everyone is so busy now...part of growing up I suppose.

I know, we are adorable siblings. You dont have to tell us. (Sophie clearly thinks so too)

I am loving the thought of being on a beach in less than three weeks. SO. EXCITED.

As much as I DONT love Jillian while I am watching her make it even more clear how out of shape I really am, I am loving that the 30 Day Shred workouts are only 20 minutes long.

I get very bored, VERY easily working out, so the shorter I can feel like I have done my "days worth" the better. I am also loving that as of this afternoon, I have lost 6.8 LBs since January 17. Although it is not obvious, just a difference in numbers is making it worth it! I have a very strong love for food...more specifically food that is absolute CRAP for your body. AKA Chickfila and Waffle House. I have tried to become much more edumacated over the last two months over food and nutrition, and it is honestly amazing to know what is actually going into your body. The working out part however, has been much more of a struggle and somehow today I just did it. I think it was the lack of time I had to think it over, and instead I just did it. Dont get me wrong..I still enjoy Chickfila every now and then (umm the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich is actually pretty healthy at 290 cals. The waffle fries however, will screw you over.), and had a Waho lunch date with my girl CK just this afternoon. I have simply begun to learn the art of portion control and moderation. And patience. I know you guys really wanted to know all that.

Other things I am loving this Wednesday: that I get to babysit two of my favorite boys Saturday night, that I am getting a massage on Saturday, kudos to Groupon for allowing me to be able to afford it (Ob.sessed. with Groupon), that I leave for Belize in 73 days, and that I get to know my little preschoolers even better tomorrow on my 2nd day at my last placement :) Life is good!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Snow Brings March Pollen...and I couldnt be more excited. (A Hodgepodge)

I guess 3 posts in 4 days was good enough for two more weeks...Oh, life.

So about a week ago, I started noticing a verrrrry thin dusting of powder on my car. My car is black, so it is easy to see. Despite my extreme tendency to be a sneezing MESS during the Spring months, I dont think I had ever been so excited to see a sign of pollen. I dont have any "known" allergies, but lets face it, everyone has a bout with pollen at least one Spring in their life, and, well, I have one every Spring. During last year's Spring months, I learned my lesson the hard way (and I mean HARD. I was miserable) and started relying on this amazing stuff towards the end of allergy season. I'm hoping it will prevail and allow me to enjoy Spring much more this year.

Spring semester in college is like a 2 (or 3 month, if you are blessed to live in a magical land such as GEE A) month-long Spring Break. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year, and I'm hoping these here Liquid Gels will do the trick. I can already say that Spring semesters of college will be some of the most reminisced memories from what will be the good ole days in just over a year. Ca.Razy.

My 3rd placement came to an end last week, and I have to admit it was the hardest one to leave so far. I originally wanted to work with primary-aged students, but I looooved being with Middle School EBD students. My last day was spent watching The Blind Side with my class, which I tied into my Mini Unit. The kids loved the movie, just as I knew they would...but my Mini Unit was not the recipient of the same positive feedback. Talk about epic fail. I knew it was going down hill about 1/4 of the way through it, and I am not afraid to admit that I know it sucked. I cant lie, I had high hopes for it and secretly hoped I could feel good about sharing it, maybe even comparing it to lessons on TpT. I inspire to be one of the teachers who actually sells stuff on this website. Ya live and ya learn...

My new (and 4th and FINAL of "Junior" year!) placement is at a local preschool that serves Pre-K Lottery, Head Start, and Babies Can't Wait students. For half of the day I am in an inclusion preschool room (very interesting, but my favorite part of the day) and the other half is with 4-6 SDD (Significant Developmentally Delayed) students. My host teacher actually told me that they start out the school year with 2-3 students, and as the year goes on and the kids begin to be placed or diagnosed, their caseload/number of students increases. Each child also has a different plan for their day as each child's needs are different, so some of the kids that I start off with for the latter half of the day leave before lunch at noon. I have mixed feelings about working with the "babies" so far, despite the fact that I was CON.VINCED. that this was the age I wanted to work with once I get a job. So convinced, that, as embarassed as I am now to admit it, I pitched a royal fit when I knew there was a possibility of me not having a primary placement (we were told at the beginning of the school year we'd have one of each: primary, elem, middle & high school.) I saw more snot running out of noses today than I have all year, and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. It does however, make me happy that today's lessons revolved around the color green, and not just because it was in honor of the first day of March! The simplicity of lessons for preschoolers just makes me happy and brings back so many memories from my preschool days such as the smell of tempera paint and Dial hand soap. You know you had some good preschool years if you can remember certain things 18 years later...

On a complete lover-of-reality-tv note (Mom, skip this part) there is talk of Reality Steve's prediction of who Brad choses being WRONG!!! I hope this is true, and that one of the final two girls is the next Bachelorette instead of who Reality Steve picked before he changed his mind about the final-rose-bearer. I wont name names in the off chance that someone doesnt know what Reality Steve's original predictions were. You can thank me later :)

I am so, so, so excited that my hopes of going to the beach for Spring Break will likely be confirmed in the next few days. 18 days until I can officially say it is "SB11." Beach or no beach, it will still be a week off to re-charge and finish the year with a bang. But here's to hoping for this...

This was actually taken almost 4 years ago (umm, what?) in the Bahamas on Spring Break '07. I may not be going to the Bahamas...but the Gulf of Mexico will do just fine.

Because spring is the time of countdowns (at least for a student and teachers...) here is mine that I may or may not type out on a "Sticky Note" and put it on my desktop and edit as the days go by.

Days until SB11: 18
Days of placement until the last: 13 (this is a much smaller number than it would be if I included every day in between)
Days until finals week: 60
Days until I leave for BELIZE: 74
Days until Graduation: 430

Also, please check out my cousin Bobby Cool (yes, that really is his name)...he is releasing an EP on March 26th in Nashville, and if you are in the area, you will NOT be disappointed if you go. Not to mention, he and the band will be giving away the EP fo FREE. I'm pretty bummed I cant make the trek up there, and will be getting my hands on that EP as soon as his sisters bring it back down to the homeland. *Sappy warning* I am so proud to be paternally related to him and the whole family is amazed and so proud at how far he has already come in such a short time in Nashvegas.

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure LIVE from the Beta house in Athens, Georgia featuring appearances and filming by yours truly. YOUR next band party could be THAT. FUN. people..