Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I continue to LOVE this perfect and beautiful weather down here in GEE A.

I am L.O.V.I.N.G. the fact that I get to see this little baby come Friday at about 4pm.

I mean...seriously? I ask myself how a single being can be so incredibly adorable. I just dont get it.

I am loving that I will get to see my whole family this weekend! Although I wont get to see mi Madre til Sunday, all of us being under one roof even for a few hours doesnt happen very often during the school year since my sister and I are at different colleges. Now getting all of us to sit down together for a meal has become next to impossible, even if we are all home at the same time because everyone is so busy now...part of growing up I suppose.

I know, we are adorable siblings. You dont have to tell us. (Sophie clearly thinks so too)

I am loving the thought of being on a beach in less than three weeks. SO. EXCITED.

As much as I DONT love Jillian while I am watching her make it even more clear how out of shape I really am, I am loving that the 30 Day Shred workouts are only 20 minutes long.

I get very bored, VERY easily working out, so the shorter I can feel like I have done my "days worth" the better. I am also loving that as of this afternoon, I have lost 6.8 LBs since January 17. Although it is not obvious, just a difference in numbers is making it worth it! I have a very strong love for food...more specifically food that is absolute CRAP for your body. AKA Chickfila and Waffle House. I have tried to become much more edumacated over the last two months over food and nutrition, and it is honestly amazing to know what is actually going into your body. The working out part however, has been much more of a struggle and somehow today I just did it. I think it was the lack of time I had to think it over, and instead I just did it. Dont get me wrong..I still enjoy Chickfila every now and then (umm the Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich is actually pretty healthy at 290 cals. The waffle fries however, will screw you over.), and had a Waho lunch date with my girl CK just this afternoon. I have simply begun to learn the art of portion control and moderation. And patience. I know you guys really wanted to know all that.

Other things I am loving this Wednesday: that I get to babysit two of my favorite boys Saturday night, that I am getting a massage on Saturday, kudos to Groupon for allowing me to be able to afford it (Ob.sessed. with Groupon), that I leave for Belize in 73 days, and that I get to know my little preschoolers even better tomorrow on my 2nd day at my last placement :) Life is good!!


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