Thursday, April 14, 2011

About High Time

This post was originally titled "Its Sunday, and its random" because I started it on Sunday and then either A) became too tired to finish or B) actually talked myself into doing homework, because its more important than this. I'm gonna be honest and go with A, because lets face it, I most likely did not talk myself into doing homework and I cant remember that far back.

Because I have two weeks left in my fourth and final placement of junior year (or really senior..going for the victory lap next year baby) I figured it was about high time I post about said placement so that I do in fact remember that I was there for 7 weeks. Perhaps this placement is the reason I havent written about it on this here blog, because these kids WEAR. ME. OUT. And miraculously, I have not been taking naps afterwards as I had the habit of doing up until recently. Perhaps I am finally growing up. Lack of sleep = little brain power.

This placement has been the most different from all my others in more ways than one. I am in a 3 year old inclusion room for two hours, and then a t3 year old self contained room for another two hours. What do we do in between? Well, I get there at 7am to sit there for an hour/eat breakfast/chit chat...then from 10-11am my host teacher has planning. So that is another hour of sitting around. Luckily she allows me to bring my laptop so if I dont have anything to do I can do other things. Then from 1-2 we eat lunch/chit chat/waste some more time, and from 2-2:30ish we help with car riders & day care buses and typically leave around 3:30 or 3, if i'm lucky.

I have SO loved working with the little babies, but a lot of my day feels like such a waste of time, honestly. I am, however, grateful for the four hours that I do get to experience preschool special education since it is harder to come by than elementary since kids typically are not diagnosed with an official disability until 2nd or 3rd grade. These babies, however, are most definitely SDD (Significantly Developmentally Delayed) which is what most pre schoolers are diagnosed as since it is too early to officialize something like Autism or EBD (emotional behavior disorder) as the child may grow out of symptoms or the symptoms may change or increase over time. On days that myself and another girl from my cohort are there, there are five teachers/adults for the 8 kids we have, 7 boys and 1 girl. And those five people are not enough. These boys are WILD. My host teacher looked at me one day as she was either reprimanding or pulling the pants up of one of the boys and said "It is HELL when you two are not here" and she is not someone to complain AT ALL. Our sweet little girl is blind and very mentally impaired, so she is much easier to control (when she is not hitting someone next to her or throwing things in front of her across the room.)

The two hours that I spend in the inclusion classroom are my favorite, and I am hoping to be in a primary inclusion setting next year for my senior placement. Inclusion is such a great thing for kids recieving special education services, except for a select few who may benefit much more from one-on-one time in a less crowded classroom. One of the little girls in my inclusion class has Cerebral Palsy, and she is one that would benefit so much more in a self contained setting with more attention on her. When we pull her out to go walk or just to let her have some play time without 5 other kids around her, she is SO HAPPY. She cannot tell us this, but the lack of fussing and whining and increase in smiling and goofing off tells us she enjoys it so much more. The progress she makes is minimal, but I have a very strong suspicion that it is because she is flat out stubborn and just doesnt want to do things that would make us believe she is progressing. She is happiest when she is doing what she wants to do :) Then again, who isnt?

I realize most of this is a bunch of gibberish to a lot of you, but these posts are mostly for myself, so I apologize if it bored you to tears and dont blame you if you didnt read any of it. Ha! There is so much more that I feel I could write about this placement, particularly the kids, but for now, I am going to be the responsible student that I am and start finishing the rest of this paper that is due tomorrow. Again...Ha!

Peace & Love,

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