Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

On this BEAUTIFUL, yet incredibly warm even for the Southern states, I am loving the fact that I leave in THREE DAYS!!!!!

I am loving the Braves for almost pulling off a W last night, making a game of it for the 9th inning thanks to Dan Uggla! Its games like those that you cant help but love, despite the loss.

Sophie loves the Braves too!

I am also loving that I am going to the game tomorrow night! We are planning a fun little shin dig with all the people in my freshman year dorm whom we spent every waking moment (pretty much) with, wether it was trips to the dining hall, late night trips to walmart, walks from downtown, or getting in trouble for who knows what.

SBXI - so happy the three of us got to spend it together.

Where it all began :)

I tried to find some more pictures with the boys in it...but unfortunately they are not very appropriate. Typical.

I am loving the group that is going to Belize!! I only knew a few people, but we have all gotten to know each other this week during class and it is going to be a fabulous rest of the month!

I am loving that I get to see my family for a day (ish), especially my sweet Sophie bear.

Finally, I am loving that I start to nanny for a family close to my house in ATL the week after I get back. I am flat broke. Like, less than $5 broke. If anyone were to steal my card, they wouldnt get very far. The joys of college life.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is filled with lots of things to love!

Peace & Love,


  1. great things your loving!

  2. I'm so jealous you are going to Belize! That's amazing! Also, just thought I'd let you know- your text is lime green and your background is also green so it's hard to read!