Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm baaaack! About that. I cannot believe that another summer has come and gone. It seems like yesterday that I was in Belize thinking to myself "it's only day one...I hope it goes by this slowly the whole time!" Apparently I jinxed it, because it FLEW by.

I said goodbye to the sweet kiddo's I was nannying for over the summer a week ago tomorrow and brought my hind parts back on down to school to begin pre-planning and, tomorrow, the first day of school! I am so excited for this year. I love my host teacher(s) and am so excited to work with them this year. I am even more excited to be DONE (with college) as I may have mentioned in my last post once or five times. I am in a Pre-K inclusion room and could NOT be happier with the setting/school and just the whole experience that I have to look forward to. Although I have to of today, I have begun to feel a little homesick. I miss my family and my sweet baby Sophie Bear.

Luckily I was able to squeeze in a little bit of fun (literally, just a little bit) at the lake and at Braves games, for which I am going to TRY to do a post on with pictures. Try being the key word, obviously. Im pretty sure this summer might mark an all-time low in the amount of Braves games I have attended in one summer/season. Luckily plans are in the works for a game in a couple weeks :)

I figured a first-day-of-school-eve post would be the perfect start to the school year and hopefully back to regularly scheduled blogging since I know so many people follow and read religiously. Haha I crack myself up.


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