Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall, Braves, School, Atlanta...Life

When our mentor leader's told us this would be the busiest and most stressful semester of our entire college career, they werent kidding. The good news is that there are only 52 days until this semester is over (a month early for us College of Ed scholars...hollaaa!) and 221 days until graduation.You wouldnt think i'm ready to graduate and move back to Atlanta by the amount of times I have gone up for the weeekend, but I am. Oh, I kid. I am ATL bound by 3:30pm every Friday.

Can we talk about how it is already Fall? Not just according to the calendar, but also the weather? I cannot remember the last time it has cooled off for more than a day at a time before October. It has been fabulous. Although the earlier, cooler weather better not mean some crazy long & cold winter round these parts...we all know Atlanta doesnt bode well with any kind of icy precipitation. Nor do I.

The saddest part about Fall is the ending of baseball season. It amazes me how fast it goes by every summer. I am watching the Bravos as I type (and maybe suffering heart palpitations whilst doing so..) and preparing myself for the long, baseball-less winter ahead. Reason #78,472 I LOVE. summer.

 Bobby's last regular season game as Manager - I cannot believe it has almost been a year since this was taken!

 Braves vs. Marlins - FTW!

Wish I could say I took this/actually saw it.."Photo of the Week" on the Braves website :)

Luckily the end of baseball means the beginning of football. I guess its a fair trade. I do love a crisp Fall Saturday of SEC football :)

Speaking of Fall...Pinterest KILLS me with all the Fall decorations/crafts/recipes/etc. I have said multiple times this semester that I wish I could just be a professional Pinterester. I have a couple of fall projects I have been meaning to do...with all my spare time I dont know how I havent gotten to them yet. Ha.

Another pro to the weather getting cooler...

I. LOVE. THE PUMPKIN PATCH. The church I have grown up in will be having its 26th annual Pumpkin Patch this fall, 22 of those years I have been around for. My mom has pictures of us since we were itty bitty at the "Patch" and it just makes me so happy. Maybe its that a really love pumpkins. Or the tradition. Either way, I am excited. I will be trying out some Pinterest finds on pumpkins this fall!

I suppose a teaching update would be a good idea, since thats the real reason I started this here blog. I am quite confident that God knew what he was doing when placing me for my student teaching. I could not ask for a better host teachers or sweeter, funnier kids. I was so anxious and quite honestly scared of this semester before it began, which my mother & sister can vouch for since they witnessed my nervous breakdown a week before coming back to school. I absolutely LOVE going to school despite the 5:30am alarms and wish I could go to school every day rather than just Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As much of a PITA some of my kids can be, (come on, all teachers think that sometimes) they come back with some hilarious comment or random hug to make up for it.

Pinterest find - could not be more true.

There was a lot more I wanted to say..but I cant remember it all now that the Braves lost. And maybe because this post has taken me a couple hours to fabricate. Oh well.

Peace & Love!