Monday, November 7, 2011

TBBT (to be better titled)

Sweet Jesus it has been a minute and a half since I last had the energy and brain power to formulate enough words into sentences to result in a blog post. And what do ya know, as soon as I open a new post, I start yawning and really just want to call it an early night.

I digress. What a school year it has been so far. And to think I am DONE for the semester in 13 days. I can honestly say, back in August, I thought these last few weeks would never come. Daunting thoughts of "How on EARTH am I going to plan, write, and implement TEN WHOLE DAYS worth of lesson plans?" and "But" were/sometimes still are regular occurences. But I did, and tomorrow marks day 6 of said TEN WHOLE DAYS. And although not a single lesson has gone incredibly well or perfectly, I have loved every single day of it. There were times/days that I quite honestly thought I would not make it out as a graduate of the College of Education, that I didnt think I was cut out for this career of "training little humans for life", but those days of doubt only confirm my desires to "train little humans for life" as I am now more sure than ever. No teacher is perfect, no classroom is perfect, no students is perfect, and there sure as H, E, Double hockey sticks is no such thing as a perfect lesson. A very wise professor told me this summer, thousands of miles away from home, that "those who feel that they have nothing else to learn as a teacher or in life, have no business in the classroom anymore." I take so much comfort in this thought, as pressure to perform perfectly weighs heavily throughout these important days of my student teaching practicum. I have learned more about my future career AND about myself over the past three months than I ever imagined I would and I am quite confident that I will never stop.

Frustrations from this school year have led me to feel so thankful today...for things I know I should be thankful for EVERY DAY, not just today or on Thanksgiving Day. Because lists are fun to make and as a reminder to myself for future references, and to give credit to those who deserve it and dont get it often enough, here is my cheesy "Thankful for" list.

1. My Parents. Holy Patience do these two deserve some kind of vacation, reimbursment, or Xanax prescription for dealing with me. I always tell them that life would be boring without my constant shenanigans and straight up weirdness. They know its true, even if they wont admit it as they tell me to stop spending money and stop driving home to hang out on their porch, in the hot tub and watch their nice tv's.

2. The opportunity to learn and grow. From my host teachers, from my students, from my professors, and from myself.

3. My bed. Seriously, every time I am P.O.ed about something that is seriously not a big deal but I make it into one, I somehow manage to think about my bed(s). I have three beds to sleep in, and some people dont have one. For those of you that know me well, you know how much I love my sleep and just how important it is that I get it.

4. The AMAZING opportunity to see an incredible man whom I (we?) thought I would likely not cross paths with again on earth. I recieved an email this afternoon from one of my Maymester professors letting us know that the principal of the school we worked at while in Belize will be in GEORGIA NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! I cannot cannot CANNOT express to the blogosphere world how insanely excited I am to see Mr. Najarro again. Not to mention everyone who went to Belize, since I missed out on the reunion back in August and havent seen most of those fabulous people since we landed back in Atlanta. It will be so incredibly amazing to relive our times together in his beautiful country, share with him aspects of our life here, and have intelligent conversations on education. I am full of twelve kinds of cheesy-ness tonight. But i'm okay with it.

5. MUSIC. Particularly my newest technological love...Spotify. If you dont have it, get it. But music in general...I just love it all right now.

6. Friends. So so thankful for friends.

Moving on...

Besides school, it has been a busy couple of months full of trips home (too many if you ask my parents) and it is about to be an even busier couple of months! As much as I dislike Winter, I LOVE getting to spend time with family and friends over the holidays. All five of us (my immediate family) under one roof doesnt happen often these days with my sister and I both being in school in far away lands (okay maybe just a few hours away.) Add that to the fact that we are all older now and dont want to kill each other quite as often, and family time is turning into a rip-roaring good time in the Wright Household. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving at the Lake, lazy nights at home, fun nights out (and in) with old friends, Christmas traditions, being in the general Metro Atlanta vicinity as almost all my friends, and I am sure multiple other fun and exciting outings!

The past month(ish) has brought my cousin's engagement party (eeeeeeeee so excited!!!!), trips to the pumpkin patch with my sweet little girl & brosef, and a fabulous weekend with friends celebrating an annual festival here in town

 Friends reunited!

 Perfect baby girl posing just like we did at her age at the patch :) Yes, my dog is more like my child.

 "Chels, pwease put me down so I can sniff and get even dirtier"

Casey Marie & Michael's engagement party :) SO excited for their wedding next year!

Two more weeks with my kiddos, and FOUR DAYS til Georgia/Auburn in Athens. I am always so torn for this game but I will for sure be rocking the navy & orange...maybe with red and black socks under my cowboy boots? I am definitely a "person divided" rather than a "house divided." Lord help me if I marry a fan of neither. But in the meantime...war damn eagle.

peace&love friends.

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