Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Tagging Game

Did you think I had forgot I had a blog? Cause I kinda did. With the end of the craziest semester of my college career going straight into Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter Break in general, I just havent found the time to document my oh-so-glamorous life. I know you are all so relieved I am back.

What better way to get back into the swing of things (although I am by no means promising a post on a regular basis...duh) than to play The Tagging Game! My fabulous cousin-in-law Amanda tagged me in her post here and I am excited to play!

I'm kind of not following the rules, because everyone I would have tagged has already been tagged once, maybe even more than that. What fun is life though if you dont break the rules every once in awhile?

Amanda's questions...

1. Favorite childhood toy or game?
I think my favorite toy was probably my Barbies, since I treated them like real human beings and gave them baths & haircuts. The latter of which got me grounded after a week my parents were in London...I should have known Mom would catch on. My most prominent memories growing up though are playing outside in the creek and all the books my parents would read to us. Being a teacher now, I appreciate those books so much more!
My all-time favorite book when I was little.

I dont think this one was very popular, but I loved it.

2. Sweet or salty? Definately salty.

3.If you could start a new career tomorrow, what would it be? Hands down I would be a dolphin/whale trainer. Sea World & the Georgia Aquarium are two of my most favorite places ever.
We went to Sea World TWICE last time we were in Orlando.

4. Beach house or mountain hideaway? Beach!!! I seriously live for the beach and summer in general although I do love our annual ski trips out west. Those few days of skiing are usually plenty for this girl, though :)
Panama City 2011
Dad took us to Deer Valley out in Park City at the beginning of January! Mom "doesnt do cold weather"

5. Were you named after anyone? If not, do you know why your parents chose your name? Yes, as a matter of fact I was! My middle name, Robinette, is my paternal grandmother's maiden name. I absolutely love it. I used to wish I had a middle name like "Marie" or "Elizabeth" like every other girl I knew, but over the years I have grown to love the fact that I will carry her name with me forever. Chelsea, however, Mom said she had always liked the name and didnt know anyone named Chelsea when I was born. Little did she know that roughly 10 other mothers would be naming their baby girls Chelsea too, all of whom were in my graduating class and there are THREE of us out of 20 in my cohort.
Me & my sweet and WONDERFUL Gramma :)

6. Favorite Smells? Call me a druggie, or something, but I love the smell of paint & sharpies. Sharpies kind of make me feel sick after awhile, though. And lets be real, almost all men's cologne :)

7. If you had to be the same age for the rest of your life, what age would that be and why? The best year of my life was 18. Graduated from high school & moved off to school where I met my best friend and some of my favorite people on earth. Freshman year was the best year of my life to date...so carefree and fun.

8. What books are you reading right now? Currently nothing. It is usually best I dont read for pleasure during the school year because I will choose to do that over a school-related book or homework and stay up waaaayyyy too late reading until my eyelids are screaming to be closed.

9. Where is the farthest you've been from home? Not sure which one is farthest, but i'm gonna go with Belize and Whistler, British Columbia.

10. When was the last time you cried? (happy tears or sad ones) Sunday I think. Lots of frustration built up...typical girl nonsense.

11. Do you have a special talent? (whether others think it is "special" or not) Nothing that I think is particularly special, but I have been told I have really good handwriting and love writing out random quotes and making them all pretty. This probably stems from my great attention span while at school all those years doodling on my notebooks & binders.

Thanks Amanda for thinking of me even though I am a slack blogger :) And if you havent already, head to her husband/my cousin's website here and check out his AMAZING talent! You will not be disappointed.

Peace & Love friends,